Water ballon fight

Get ready for a fun and exciting water balloon fight with these top ideas. Stay cool and have a blast with friends and family. Start planning your epic water balloon battle today!
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Summer weather is finally here! So I thought your kids would LOVE to win this fun giveaway- one that will keep them cool this summer! I know kids of all ages love water balloon fights! My 13 year old loves these colorful balloons that are super easy to fill up all at once. Zuru Bunch O Balloons, 3 different colors, Fill in 60 Seconds, 100 Total Water Balloons: Forget the trials of filling and tying countless individual balloons, Bunch O Balloons takes all the hassle of preparing for a water…

Yu. Li
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In reference to a parent-child relationship, you might have heard the advice, "pick your battles." When it's a scorcher like today, we think this is a fight worth pursuing. Next "World's Largest Water Balloon Fight" is scheduled for Friday, August 27th, as part of K Week! Take it easy out there and stay cool!

Alison Donner
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Who doesn't love a good water balloon battle?! Yes, I said "battle". Fight can be such a harsh word, and battle sounds a bit more pleasant to me! While the kids were at school the other day, I filled up 100 water balloons! Okay, well not quite 100. There were 100 in the pack, and a few popped in the process, but we can round up since I slaved over the water spicket for an hour. The kids were so surprised and excited when I picked them up from school and they learned that their friends were…

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