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Embark on a scenic adventure to Wallace Falls in Washington and witness the breathtaking beauty of nature. Discover hiking trails, stunning waterfalls, and picturesque views that will leave you in awe.
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Wallace Falls hike was one of the first hikes I checked out after moving to Seattle, and it was such a treat to revisit this gorgeous spot. There are so many trails that really aren't that scenic until you get to the viewpoint, but this trail is MAGIC the whole way. If you're into lush

Jaime Parrott
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An accessible hike for seasoned veterans and neophytes alike, Wallace Falls provides visitors with breathtaking views of the Wallace River and the surrounding falls on a relatively low difficulty, scenic 5.6 mile round-trip. Although well attended and often busy, the trail stands as a true showcase of the diversity and majestic beauty that the Central Cascades can offer to hikers who journey into the heart of this sublime mountain range.