Waffle weave

Enhance your home decor with cozy and stylish waffle weave textures. Discover top ideas for incorporating waffle weave into your living space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
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Waffle Weave (2)

This is a sample of waffle weave (warp running vertically). It turned out easier than I thought. The threading is just a point twill on 8 shafts. 300 ends in all - mostly white but with a central section of red and some isolated red threads. in carefully selected positions All 2/6 unmercerised cotton. The centre line of the cloth runs down the middle of the visible red sections. I have woven several sections with just white and some others with just red. Given the long warp floats at the…

Chelcie L. Wudtke
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The Wonderful World of Waffle Weave

In many ways, waffle weave is a delightfully straightforward weave structure. It is well-suited to four-shaft weaving, and uses a simple point twill threading. It gets its name from the simple fact that it looks like waffles--the cloth is made up of a grid of squares with high walls and deep centers, just like the litt

Jana Bußmann
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What is on my loom: hand towels

Weaving waffle weave hand towels. I have just finished a set of hand towels in waffle weave. I love this weave structure. Here is the draw down. I have used green, red, blue and white to show the structure clearly. It is woven using seven shafts. Drawdown for 7 shaft waffle weave hand towels. Warp: 8/2 cotton in three colours, natural, light green and dark green. Weft: 8/2 cotton in three colours, natural, light green and dark green. Sett: 24 epi Total number of warp ends: 589 ends. The…

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Florida Sunshine

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Is Waffle Weave Your Next Favorite Weaving Pattern?

Facebook Twitter Pinterest 782 Like When it comes to weaving there are so many different types of patterns that you can create! That is one of the wonderful things about it. So full of possibilities! Waffle weave is a really fun and dimensional weaving pattern that can be used for both practical and decorative purposes. […]

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