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Elevate your breakfast game with our collection of mouthwatering waffle iron recipes and ideas. Explore creative ways to make crispy, fluffy waffles that will leave you craving for more.
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Cinnamon Sugar Churro Waffles Recipe | ChefDeHome.com

This weekend, I'm giving you a delicious reason to dig your waffle iron out of the cupboard, with my eggless, crispy, golden Waffles slathered in Cinnamon Sugar! Oh - and guess what? These waffles...

Whitney Smith
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Waffle irons are more versatile than you think. Here are 11 delicious recipes you can make

Our minds were so darn blown by all the different things you can make with a waffle iron besides waffles that we had to find even more things we could make. Everything we eat from now on might have to come from a waffle maker, that’s how good these recipes looks. It’s just so easy...

17 Unexpected Foods You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron - Musely Waffle Brownies Recipes, Brownie Waffles, Waffle Iron Recipes, Waffle Maker Recipes, Foods With Iron, Läcker Mat, Think Food, Waffle Iron, Waffle Maker

17 Unexpected Foods You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron

17 Unexpected Foods You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron1. Hash Browns2. Cinnamon Rolls3. Brownies4. Cheeseburgers5. S'mores 6. Soft Pretzels7. Panini8. Scrambled Eggs9. Quesadillas 10. Falafel 11. Bacon12. French Toast13. Pizza14. Chocolate Chip Cookies15. Macaroni and Cheese16. Philly Cheese Steak17. Hotdogs To get the recipes go to: http://www.buzzfeed.com/caitlinmorton/17-unexpected-foods-you-can-cook-in-a-waffle-iron-a3z1?s=mobile Don't forget to like!😘👍


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