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Voltage divider

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Voltage Divider Calculator - Good Calculators

You can use this voltage divider calculator to determine any one of the four variables associated with a simple two-resistor voltage divider when the values of the other three variables are available. The calculator also plots the circuit diagram and generates the component values

A simple Tutorial on Voltage Divider Circuit or potential Divider Circuit. Basics, Voltage Divider equation and Applications.

A simple Tutorial on Voltage Divider Circuit or potential Divider Circuit. Basics, Voltage Divider equation and Applications.

Simple Voltage Divider

Simple Voltage Divider: When building a circuit, there may come a time when you only need a fraction of the voltage that is in the input. Dividing this voltage is simple and requires a few basic components. You are going to need two resistors of the same value, and …

Introduction to Transistors - Types, Baising Modes and Advantages

Bipolar Junction Transistor use to control electric current NPN or PNP, along with biasing modes-current, voltage dividing, double base. Also know about FET

Temperature Controlled AC Home Appliances using Arduino and Thermistor

In this project we will attach a AC appliance with Relay and make a temperature controlled home automation system using Arduino. It also shows the temperature and appliance status on the 16*2 LCD display connected with the circuit.

Brief fixed resistor voltage divider circuit

Series resistances have a predictable fraction of the total voltage across them, at any terminal where they connect. That voltage probably can’t power a load though. It is not meant to have to provide much, if any current. It is generally just used as a signal, which other circuitry, or volt meters, can look at. … Continue reading "Brief Fixed Resistor Voltage Divider Circuit"

Voltage divider - Setting a fractional voltage

Putting a voltage across series resistances, results in a fraction of that voltage between the series resistances. Equal value series resistors are the easiest to understand. Two equal value resistors will have half the voltage between them in relationship to ground. With 10 volts across them, they will have 5 volts between them Three equal … Continue reading "Voltage Divider setting a fractional voltage"

Resistors - Electronzap

Resistors are primarily used to limit current and divide voltages. They also generate heat, which is usually simply wasted power that must be safely dissipated. Limits current Divides voltage Generates heat Resistance limits current based on the voltage across it. 1 volt across 1 ohm of resistance will pass 1 amp of current. A component … Continue reading "Resistors"

Voltage Divider Circuit Diagram

A Voltage or Potential Divider Circuit is commonly used circuit in electronics where an input voltage has to be converted to another voltage lower than then the original.

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