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Discover a world of vintage dolls and relive childhood memories. Explore our collection of unique and nostalgic dolls that will bring joy and charm to any collector.
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A popular series of Dolly Dingle paper dolls, by Grace Drayton, was a regular feature in the Pictorial Review magazine in the early 1900s. This page, from the January 1922 issue of the Pictorial Review magazine is titled Dolly Dingle and Sammy Go Skating. Included on the page are the Dolly Dingle and Sammy paper...Read More

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I was lucky enough to score over 60 doll parts for making molds and dolls with, many are very old and vintage! Many of these when they broke at a factory or doll site, were discarded and used in planting, gardening, to insulate walls and more. I could never throw away a broken doll, they can be re-made into dolls, restored or molded to make new dolls for all to enjoy. Here they are in the raw form, so you can see all the details and distress they ensued over time!

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