Viking garb

Embrace your inner Viking with our collection of unique garb ideas. Discover how to create an authentic Viking costume that will transport you back in time.
Fortune Favors...: Viking: A Quick and Dirty Primer on Women’s Viking Garb Vintage, Medieval Clothing, Barbie, Diy, Viking Apron Dress, Norse Clothing, Viking Dress, Viking Tunic, Norse Vikings

I taught a class on Viking women's garb at Harper's Retreat in the Barony of Stonemarche in August 2011, these are my class notes. The Apron Dress pattern/instructions are here. Viking / Norse Underdress: The “Vigdis” Underdress pattern from Hefdharfru Vigdís Vestfirzka This is a conjectured pattern, so there are no period sources. However, the pattern is designed along the same lines as period finds, using a waste-free method of cutting and…

Patti Gann