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Explore a variety of mouthwatering Vietnamese fish recipes that will tantalize your taste buds. From traditional favorites to modern twists, discover new ways to enjoy the flavors of Vietnam's seafood cuisine.
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Whenever I visit Hanoi, I always make a beeline for one of the renowned cha ca restaurants to enjoy the famous turmeric grilled fish topped with fresh herbs. It’s so light and flavoursome… which is exactly why I’ve made my own 30-minute version of the dish so you can enjoy it yourself. Gorgeous!

Janet Greenwood
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Ca Chien Xi Dau is a simple Vietnamese-style fried fish with a sweet and savory soy glaze. Lightly marinated fish fried to crispy perfection, this fish recipe is pew-pew-shot-gun-finger-tips delicious. Have this fish with a bowl of steaming hot rice and freshly sliced cucumbers for a quick and de

Susan Travis
These Vietnamese Fish Tacos feature pan-fried marinated halibut fillets and the freshest tomato and herb salsa. These fish tacos are healthy and refreshing, easy to make and Vietnamese-inspired.

These Vietnamese Fish Tacos feature pan-fried marinated halibut fillets and the freshest tomato and herb salsa. These fish tacos are healthy and refreshing.

Eden Vanden Bosch
I was about 9. Mom asked me to fry fish for dinner. I jumped at the opportunity to finally help her in the kitchen. "Oh boy! Oh boy! It's going to be so much fun!" I thought. It wasn't fun. It was my first time at doing big girl stuff in the kitchen, and I was asked to fry a whole Oriental, Seafood Recipes, Vietnamese Cuisine, Vietnam, Vietnamese Food, Fish Dishes, Fried Fish Recipes, Whole Fish Recipes, Seafood Dishes

Fried Fish with Lemongrass or Cá Chiên Sả is the simplest way to have fish in everyday Vietnamese home cooking. The marinade is a simple mixture of lemongrass, garlic, salt, pepper and a bit of ground turmeric for color. Red pepper flakes are added for a spicy version.

Catherine Bui