Venus in virgo

Discover how the placement of Venus in Virgo can impact your love life and relationships. Explore the characteristics and tendencies associated with this placement and learn how to make the most of it in your own life.
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This post is all about how to dress for your Venus sign. Do you ever feel like your wardrobe doesn't truly reflect your inner essence and unique beauty? Perhaps it's time to delve into the world of astrology and discover the art of dressing for your Venus sign. Venus, the planet of love, beau

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On July 21, 2021 Venus began her transit in the sign of Virgo where it will remain until August 16. This transit will have you wanting to take time to encourage and work on your personal growth. You’ll be able to understand how to generate more balance in your life! Embrace the hermit energy that Virgo emits and take a more reserved approach to things. This will be a big difference compared to when Venus was in Leo before. When Venus moves into Virgo we’ll be inspired to devote time to our…