Uses for old trampolines

Don't let your old trampoline go to waste! Explore creative ways to repurpose and transform it into something new and exciting. Discover top ideas to give your old trampoline a new lease on life.
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Trampolines are a great source of fun for young and old alike, but over time natural wear and tear can mean a trampoline is no longer suitable for bounce time. Fortunately, there are a number of ‘post bounce’ uses for old trampolines. From sprucing up the garden to comfy hammocks and day beds, find out […]

Reighan Pohl
10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Trampoline.  Stay at Home Gardening, Crafts, Diy, Recycling, Recycled Trampoline, Stay At Home, Parenting Advice, Turn Ons, Recycled Windows

When trampolines reach a certain age, they turn to crap... You know it, I know it... But there are certain clever people on this earth that have found ways to re-use the good ole 'tramp' to make something else entirely wonderful. See me, I would of just cut mine up with a grinder and taken

Sabine Nørregaard