Upcycling too small shirts

Don't let your small shirts go to waste! Discover creative ways to upcycle them into something new and stylish. Get inspired and give your old shirts a new life.
How to Refashion a Too-Small Shirt: 7 Different Methods Formal Shirts Women, Napkin Top, Pick Stitch, Asymmetrical Shirt, Stylish Shirt, Handmade Dresses, Formal Shirts, Stylish Shirts, Crop Shirt

Do you have a beloved shirt that no longer fits? Don’t throw it away; instead, turn that shirt into a new, stylish shirt that fits. Here are seven different ways to refashion a shirt that is too small, ranked from easiest to hardest. You can turn the shirt into a tank top, add godets, add zippers, make it backless, turn it into a napkin top, make it into a crop top with waist ties, or make it into a t-shirt dress.

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