Ultimate chocolate chip cookie

Indulge in the ultimate chocolate chip cookie experience with these mouthwatering recipes. Discover the secrets to baking the perfect batch and satisfy your sweet tooth today.
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This is the official recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies direct from Hilton Doubletree Hotels and you are in for a treat with this one--gooey chocolate chip cookies (with a few secret ingredients) makes for the ultimate yummy treat. An official authentic recipe straight from the source!

Debbie Carr
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As a self-proclaimed dessert enthusiast, these are the best homemade chocolate chip cookies I've found. They are quick, easy and just the right amount of gooey to chewy.

Purposefully Made
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The key to making big, thick bakery-style chocolate chip cookies isn't in secret ingredients or tricky techniques-it's actually just a matter of shifting the ratios of your ingredients a bit. These dense, thick, decadent cookies have less sugar and more baking powder than your standard chocolate chip cookies, which helps inhibit the cookies' spreading during baking.