Types of german shepherd

Explore the various types of German Shepherd dogs and learn about their unique characteristics. Find the perfect German Shepherd for your family and experience the loyalty and intelligence these dogs are known for.
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German shepherds are a very special breed with lots of traits unique to them. They make wonderful pets for the right people. But, there are certain people who should never own one. Just as a tiger can’t change its stripes, a German shepherd can’t change what it was bred to be. To know them is to love them but that means embracing all they are if you want to own one. Here are 15 types of people who should never own a German shepherd:1. People who hate to vacuumGerman shepherds shed. A lot…

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The most common colors for this breed are: Some liver, blue, and solid liver-colored. A bicolor German Shepherd will have black and tan colors. The classic black and tan German Shepherd is often seen in working lines.