Tube knitting

Explore unique and creative tube knitting projects to unleash your DIY skills. Get inspired by these top ideas and start knitting your own stylish and cozy accessories.
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I've been busy working on setting up a project for my sons 1st grade class! It's an easy "knitting" project that is perfect for elementary age kids. With a cardboard roll, tape, and popsicle sticks, you can set up a simple loom. Then just like you would finger weave, you wrap the yarn around the tops

create a knitting tube from a toilet paper rube, popsicle sticks, duct tape and yarn. Art Choice Board, Tube Knitting, Duct Tape Flowers, Cassie Stephens, Duck Tape Crafts, Choice Board, Yarn Bracelets, Tube Bracelet, Toilet Paper Tube

Hey, y'all! The other day I shared a blog post titled Toilet Paper Tube Crafts and it was wildly popular! It made me recall another favorite craft involving the lowly toilet paper tube and that's making a Nifty Knitting Tube! Here's a three minute video to show you how: All you'll need is a tube, some popsicle sticks, tape, scissors and yarn. That's it! For a loose knit, use only four sticks. For a tighter knit, try using six. If interested, this is just one of the 44 stitch and string…

Sarah Brooks
Picture of The Knitting Pipe (now with 3D printing!) Tube Knitting, Knitting Bag Tutorial, 3d Tiskárna, Spool Knitting, French Knitting, Crochet Tools, Knitting Tools, I Cord, Bags Tutorial

The Knitting Pipe (now With 3D Printing!): Another step in the irregular quest for a French knitting tool that does not look über-girlie, this project shows how to make "French knitting" with a scrap of plastic tubing. Making and using the tube makes a creative activity for the weeken…

Rebecca Graham