Trash cans

Discover creative and functional trash can ideas to keep your space clean and organized. Upgrade your waste disposal system with these innovative solutions. Plasticplace 95-96 Gallon Garbage Can Liners │ 2 Mil │ Black Heavy Duty Trash Bags │ 61” x 68”, 25 Count: Garden  Outdoor Commercial, Garbage Bags, Garbage Containers, Garbage Bag, Trash Can Lids, Garbage Can, Trash Bins, Kitchen Trash Cans, Outdoor Trash Cans

HEAVY DUTY - 2.0 MIL THICK - Strong enough to tolerate all residential household garbage and commercial waste; Made from industrial-strength low-density resins (thicker material) EXTRA LARGE SIZE - 95-96 Gallon black garbage can liners, 61”W x 68”H; Fits outdoor rollaway garbage cans and drum cans; For 96 gallon toter can. Bottom is a gusset seal; Bags come folded (25 Count) NO TEARS or LEAKS - Trash bag liner is durable and designed to hold the toughest garbage with absolutely no tears or…

Patrick Puffer
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Outdoor litter bins are important part of urban furniture – their existence and ease of use are directly related to the cleanliness of the surroundings. The selection of Dambis outdoor litter bins is rich – here you can find the best solution for park, office building and street. You can choose between metal and wood finishes and different colored bins. All of them are convenient for both the user and the manager.