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Traditional clothing in the Philippines. Barong Tagalog & Baro at Saya -

Filipino national costume is rather colorful, ornate and beautiful. Filipino people lived under the occupation of other countries for centuries. That's why their national attire was formed under the influence of different cultures and got some of their features. US, Spain and Japan had the biggest impact on the traditional clothing of the Philippines. But nevertheless Filipino folk dress is very unique, authentic and even tribal, if we can say so.

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Palestinian traditional costumes from different regions of Palestine - Ballet Folklorico, Boho Embroidery, Arab Culture, Arab Women, Traditional Fashion, Boho Casual, White Embroidery, Embroidery Dress, Unique Outfits

Various regions of Palestine have their own unique clothing traditions. Sometimes, the outfits differ radically, in other cases, there is only so much difference. We’d like to show you some photos of the clothing designs, shapes, and ornamentation from several regions of Palestine. Also, you’ll see how Palestinian designers can combine modern fashion tendencies with authentic features and traditional motifs.

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