Tinned tuna recipes

Explore a variety of mouth-watering recipes using tinned tuna. From salads to casseroles, discover creative ways to elevate your meals with this versatile ingredient.
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These Korean Tuna Pancakes are quick & easy to make, yet make for an incredibly satisfying meal that's full of scrumptious flavor. Made with simple ingredients from the pantry, these savory pancakes come together in just 15 minutes, to be served over hot rice or added to your burger. #koreanfood #easyrecipe #banchan #tuna

Try our baked tuna pasta shells for an upgrade on the traditional pasta bake. This budget-friendly recipe takes just 25 minutes! Shellfish Recipes, Seafood Recipes, Pasta Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Meal Recipes, Tinned Tuna Recipes, Tuna Pasta Recipe, Kitchens

Tuna and sweetcorn are a great combo when it comes to budget-friendly recipes. Try our baked tuna pasta shells for an upgrade on the traditional pasta bake. To mix things up next time, swap the tinned tuna with tinned or hot-smoked salmon and use chopped asparagus instead of sweetcorn.

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Making a good pasta salad isn't rocket science, but there are lots of ways to ruin one. My advice--pasta should only make up about half of the salad, do NOT rinse the pasta with cold water (toss it with the dressing while it's still hot so it absorbs the flavor but but doesn't feel greasy), and make sure to thoroughly drain all of the ingredients so it doesn't end up tasting watery and bland.

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