Third grade fractions

Make learning fractions fun and engaging for third graders with these creative teaching ideas. Help your students develop a strong understanding of fractions through hands-on activities and interactive lessons.
6 Activities to Practice Fractions on a Number Line Third Grade Math Activities, Telling Time Activities, Teaching Time, Second Grade Math, Teaching Math, Maths, Measurement Third Grade, Math Fractions, Interactive Activities

In this blog post I will go over the third grade common core math standards 3.NF.2 & 3.NF.3 and provide you with activities you can use with your students. These activities also work well for students who need remediation in 4th and 5th grade. Number & Operations – Fractions // 3.NF.2 I can partition a number line into […]

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Introduction to Fractions Activities and Lessons for Third Grade Third Grade Fractions, Teaching Fractions, Third Grade Math, Math Fractions, Teaching Math, Fourth Grade, Decimals, Equivalent Fractions, Second Grade

For the past few weeks, we’ve been knee-deep in fractions. Now, in second grade fractions are “easy” you spend like a week on them and boom you move onto time. Third grade…? Yeah… not so much… we’re officially on our 4th week of fractions… yeah… Who knew there was soooo much you needed to know […]

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Understanding Fractions On A Number Line - More Time 2 Teach 3rd Grade Fractions, Teaching Fractions, Math Fractions, 5th Grade Math, Teaching Math, Third Grade, Teaching Learning Material, Equivalent Fractions, Teaching

Teaching kids about fractions on a number line can be tricky. Read about 4 hands on fraction activities for kids that will make learning about fractions on a number line fun! They’re easy to setup, a great visual to help teach fractions, and involve using cubes, pipe cleaners, beads, and markers. #Teachingfractions #Handsonfractions #Fractionactivities

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