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Dive into the world of The Simpsons and get to know your favorite characters, relive iconic episodes, and discover fascinating trivia. Join the millions of fans and explore The Simpsons like never before.
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The Simpsons Complete Series - 1 to 15 Seasons (335 episodes) + Movie (See Description / USB Flashdrive in HD MKV)

Just A Typical Middle-Class Family in The Misfit City of Springfield ... It’s the - The Simpsons - with the complete series on one USB Stick. It’s all about a dysfunctional family, with Homer the unhealthy beer loving father, Marge the hardworking homemaker, Bart the perpetual ten-year-old underachiever, Lisa the unappreciated eight-year-old genius & Maggie the cute, pacifier loving silent infant. This series is perfect for fans of the animated sitcom who want to relive the antics or for new…

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Charles Montgomery Burns

"Excellent!" ―Burns' catchphrase "Release the hounds!" ―Burns' order to release his hounds "Smithers!" ―Burns calling for Smithers "Smithers, who is this [put down]?" ―Burns when he does not remember Homer's name "Simpson, eh?" ―Burns re-learning Homer's name "You're fired!" ―Burns telling someone they are fired "Oh, Fiddlesticks!" ―When something bad happens to Burns Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns[2], also known as Monty Burns, Montgomery Burns, C.M. Burns, and Mr…

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