Textures patterns

Enhance the aesthetic of your home with a variety of unique textures and patterns. Find inspiration and ideas to add depth and character to your living spaces.
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Overview Reminiscent of the regal grandiose of yesteryears, Venation’s intricate line work runs deep throughout an amass of beautifully illustrated leaves. Lavish and rich in color, this delicate botanical pattern impressively spans its dichotomous veins across two widths of textured wallpaper. Delivering intrigue and depth across a tonal montage of varying sized lamina, this magnificent mural comes in easy to install sequential panels that effortlessly transform both contemporary and…

Alicia Held-Morris
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Neutral Leaf - Brown & Grey Leaves Designer Removable Wallpaper. AfterPay it. High quality removable wallpaper for your restaurant, cafe, bedroom or living room. Our beautiful nature inspired wallpaper collection is perfect for home decorating, if you can't find the colour or style you like - we'll make it for you!

Fabianne Warder