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Enhance your teaching with these technology lesson ideas that will captivate your students and promote active learning. Discover innovative ways to integrate technology into your classroom for a truly engaging educational experience.
Check out these digital citizenship and internet safety lessons to use all year long! Learn how to keep digital citizenship at the forefront whenever students use technology in the classroom with these digital citizenship posters, digital citizenship activities, digital citizenship punch cards, tips and more! Technology Lessons, Digital Citizenship Lessons, Internet Safety Lessons, Citizenship Activities, Instructional Technology, Teacher Technology, Digital Citizenship Posters, Digital Citizenship, Teaching Technology

Teaching digital citizenship and keeping students in the classroom safe online (and off of course!) is a priority for teachers when using iPads, Google Apps, and other devices & websites in the classroom. While even the best laid digital citizenship plans can lay the foundation, teachers need to continue revisiting topics and guiding students all year. I'm sharing some tips and lesson ideas plus I've teamed up with my Tech with Us Community to bring you more must-read ideas for teaching…

Allie Williams
Why We Need to Be Teaching Kids Coding and How to Get Started — Carly and Adam Primary School Education, Pre K, Coding For Kids, Teaching Standards, Teaching Technology, Teaching Coding, Teaching Computers, Elementary Stem Teacher, Coding Lessons

Getting started with coding in the classroom doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating! You don’t have to have a background in computer science to teach it, and you don’t even need expensive robots or technology to get started! WHY Teach Coding?

Rachana Mishra
Computer Lab Lessons. Entire year curriculum, lesson plans, and activities for technology teachers and classroom teachers. Lesson Plans, Pre K, Apps, Elementary Technology Lessons, Technology Lesson Plans, Elementary Computer Lab, Teaching Technology, Elementary Technology, Computer Lab Lessons

This Elementary Technology Curriculum includes over 200 lessons and activities for grades K-5 that will save you so much time coming up with what to do in the computer lab. It is ideal for a technology teacher, media specialist, tech facilitator, or grade level teachers with mandatory lab time. All of the work is done for you! This is for you if: You want students who can log in, access any programs, type efficiently, and use technology to learn. You want students who are confident in using…

Brittany Washburn | Technology Teacher