Teacher's lounge makeover

Revitalize your teacher's lounge with these creative makeover ideas. Enhance the space and create a more inviting atmosphere for relaxation and collaboration among educators.
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I’ve always loved being so involved with my son’s school. I previously was the Activities Director for our PTO and after taking off a year, I’m now the Vice President of Communications. Being so involved in his school has given me the chance to build great relationships with the teachers and administration at his school […]

Hayley Trivette
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The Teacher Lounge - a space that should be calming, inspiring, and rejuvenating for teachers - a space of bottomless coffee and good conversation! SGS Design partnered with a local school to renovate the teacher lounge. The goal was to create a neutral space that energized teachers and gave them a safe landing place

Katelyn Pickering
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Hi again!!! If you followed along with my most recent makeover, you know that I got the chance to transform a Teachers' Lounge into a coffee shop. It was SUPER challening, but it was SO much

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