Tall window curtains

Enhance the elegance of your tall windows with these beautiful curtain ideas. Discover the perfect curtains to create a stylish and sophisticated look for your space.
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FREE PRINTABLE + VIDEO TUTORIAL 1. Remove your old curtain rod and patch up the holes. 2. Measure what length curtains you will need to buy. 3. Place your curtain rod just below the ceiling. 4. Hang up the new curtains so that they lightly brush the floor. 5. Free PDF Printable “11 Ways to Mak

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The correct way to treat windows in a very tall room without stealing from the view.  http://cotedetexas.blogspot.com/2009/08/top-ten-design-elements-4.html

Number four on the list of the Top Ten Design Elements that I love in a house are curtains. After linen, slipcovers, and seagrass – curtains bring so much to a room that they should always be considered when designing a house. Curtains add romance, texture and softness. They can also add jolts of needed color. They bring coziness and warmth to a room or sometimes they add a beachy breeziness. Curtains are tricky though – they need to be done right, executed perfectly, or it’s better to not…

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These staggered sheers are a great way to draw attention to the architectural interest of the windows. Interior, Home Décor, Home, Window Treatments, Curtains For Arched Windows, Window Treatments Bedroom, Arched Window Treatments, Window Coverings, Curtain Designs

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