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Explore fun activities and tips for spending quality time with your tall friends. Make the most of your time together and create unforgettable memories with these top ideas.
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There are many benefits to being tall: people are likely to see you as a leader and this can mean you will earn more money. Even so, tall people can still have problems. Always hitting their heads and never knowing what to do with their legs are only some of the things that can make them feel like they’re giants that our small world simply wasn’t made for. We at Bright Side collected some pictures that show the struggles tall people face every day. Be sure to read until the end where we’ve…

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What’s the weather like up there? Do you play basketball? Were you always this tall? That’s just a bite-sized collection of the types of questions that tall people have to deal with on a daily basis. However, most of them smile, chuckle, and get on with their day without worrying too much.

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Both tall and short people have their own struggles to face. But wait till you see these photos of tall people with short people, standing next to each other. And then you’ll see the ridiculous comparison that will surely make your jaw drop and make you laugh. Height has always been an issue for most

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