Sweet onion

Discover mouthwatering sweet onion recipes that will satisfy your taste buds. From salads to soups, explore a variety of dishes that showcase the natural sweetness of this versatile ingredient.

Make this favorite Subway-inspired sauce in the comfort of your own home! Sweet onion sauce has a strong onion flavor, balanced with sweetness, and just a touch of sour.

Nancy Makela
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In the heart of Southern cuisine Tennessee Onions showcase the enchantment of transforming ingredients. The dish starts with succulent Vidalia onions, which become tender and flavorful in the embrace of the oven. These onions are then lovingly coated with a mix of three cheeses that melt into a gooey tapestry of flavor. The cheese forms crispy broiled peaks on top adding texture to the depths. Seasoned with a blend of spices every bite of this comforting side dish is a tribute, to the…

Betty Pezza