Sweet grits recipe

Start your day with a mouthwatering sweet grits recipe that will satisfy your taste buds. Learn how to make creamy and flavorful grits with a touch of sweetness. Try it now and treat yourself to a delightful breakfast or brunch.
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With the weather getting cooler and mornings getting darker, this Instant Pot Brown Sugar Grits recipe is the perfect Instant Pot breakfast to warm you up and get you ready to face the chilly day ahead. Instant Pot Grits Recipe Apparently, there are two camps for grits lovers: savoury or sweet. People have their opinions...

Susan Perkins
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Infused with a creamy banana and maple syrup-flavored blended milk, these golden corn grits go from savory to sweet, from hearty main course to pudding-like dessert. And atop this unctuous bed of sweet corn grits sit melt-in-your-mouth caramelized banana slices, as well as maple syrup glazed pecans.