Summer colour palette

Explore a fresh and vibrant summer colour palette to bring a lively and energetic vibe to your home decor. Discover top ideas to infuse your space with the perfect summer colours.
Find out how to pick your best and worst colors. Crucial information for a capsule wardrobe. Do you have cool undertones? Are you an ashy brunette? Find out how all your features work together to create your unique complexion. Winter Make-up, Winter Typ, True Winter, Soft Summer Color Palette, Soft Summer Colors, Pale Colors, Summer Color Palettes, Cool Color Palette, Colour Palettes

Light Summers have an ethereal quality to their complexions. They are very low in contrast and can wear pale colors that wash out others. Soft Summer is the warmest of the Summer seasons, it is bordering the Autumn category and has a neutral quality rather than purely cool. Cool Summer has more contrast than other versions…

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