Stuffed mushroom recipes vegetarian

Discover mouthwatering vegetarian stuffed mushroom recipes that are packed with flavor and perfect for any occasion. Try these easy and satisfying recipes to impress your guests.
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Need a meatless meal? Try Ricotta Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. These baked Portobello Mushroom Caps are stuffed with ricotta & spinach.

Tanya Krunch
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This may be the easiest stuffed mushroom recipe I've ever made. Packed with flavor from a simple filling of cream cheese, sauteed mushroom stems, garlic, and seasonings. Yum!

Amy Corron
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Whether you like your mushrooms sautéed, stuffed, as an appetizer, cooked in a soup, or as a side dish, these mushroom recipes are to die for!

Becca Courtney