Struggling readers

Discover proven strategies and techniques to help struggling readers improve their reading skills. Unlock the potential of struggling readers and watch their confidence soar.
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BEST reading tips for kids struggling readers! Plus the ONE EASY TIP for getting kids to read at home that I wish I had tried sooner with my daughter. (What to do with struggling readers!) #kidsreading #howto #readingtips #teachingreading #learntoread #parenttips #teachertips

Yee Fung Aw
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At one point or another, we’ve all worked with struggling readers. Sometimes we can tell, on the very first day of school, which students are going to have difficulty. Other times we see students fall a bit behind throughout the course of the year. But why do certain students fall behind their same-age peers? And what steps can we take to help them catch up? Throughout the month of January, I’m going to be exploring these topics with you through a series of blog posts. I’ll be digging in…

Jo-Ann van Staalduinen