Straw weaving

Discover the art of straw weaving and create unique DIY crafts. Get inspired with top ideas to make beautiful and intricate designs using straw.
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OK, who would have thought you could use straws to weave!? Seriously, straw weaving is such a cool concept! The straws make it quick and easy to weave a fun bracelet, necklace or hairband. And all you need is yarn, straws and tape! This is such a great craft for older kids and tweens. My 7 and 9 year old daughters really enjoy it... although, they're still a little young to do it completely on their own. They need a little bit of my help to get things set up and to tie off the ends. But with…

Jamie Winger
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We don't buy plastic straws, but we still have some in the house. Rather than throw them out (they can't be recycled) we try to find other uses for them. In this week's The Week Junior , I share a fun and easy weaving project, using straws as a loom. (You can also use paper straws!). I learned how

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