Strangely familiar

Explore the uncanny world of the strangely familiar and unravel the secrets that lie within. Discover intriguing ideas and unlock the hidden truths that will leave you captivated.
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The End Is Near

The End is thought to be a 'trap level' that creates the illusion of escaping the Backrooms. The End is supposedly a 'trap level', meant to trick Wanderers into thinking they have escaped the Backrooms. The layout of The End consists of a seemingly endless modern library, with the main area in the center decorated with metal letters spelling 'THE END'. Wanderers who enter this level will experience near complete silence, with some areas measuring at -6.2dB. The center region of the level is…

Carlee ☺️
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If you ever find yourself in a space that brings up a feeling of ‘not knowing what’s up but something’s definitely up’ you may have encountered a liminal space. Obsessed over by fans who chase the unsettling feel, liminal spaces have become somewhat of a mysterious phenomenon surfing around the internet.

Cynthia Audesse