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Explore the innovative and thought-provoking designs created by Stefan Sagmeister. Get inspired by his unique approach to visual communication and discover how his work can elevate your own design projects.
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This is a poster that I designed for a Graphic Design course that I am taking this semester. I needed to portray the style of the designer for whom I was designing the poster. Need I add Stefan Sagmeister is one of the reasons I got into graphic design in the first place. Yes, yes my mind is in the gutter but if you understood why, yours in too. (too bad)

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In 2008 a comprehensive book titled "Things I have Learned in my Life so far" was published by Abrams. Solo shows on Sagmeister Inc's work have been mounted in Paris, Zurich, Vienna, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Osaka, Prague, Cologne, Seoul and Miami. He teaches in the graduate department of the School of Visual Art in New York and lectures extensively on all continents.

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Roberta Campbell: "This #poster was done by Matthew Lawson for my Graphic Design class at Appalachian State University in 1997(?). The assignment was to create a playing card in the style of an assigned designer. He actually drew on the wall of the mens bathroom with markers, photographed it, and then did some digital processing. He did a heck of a job!" Illustrations Posters, Design, Street Art Graffiti, Web Design, Graffiti, Vintage, Typografie Design, Cool Typography, Poster

(undergrad work) Handwritten typography using sharpie on tile. Did this late one night at my departments bathroom, thankfull the marker wiped away from the tile, but its forever marked on the grout... Homage to Sagmeister's type design for Lou Reed and AIGA. (One of my all time favorite works. Professor wished I had left it there while I was thinking the dept. would banish me for defacing property...Nothing like spending a couple hours on a toilet seat getting high on markers and smelling of…

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