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Explore a collection of stunning starter home plans to envision your dream house. Find the perfect layout and design to make your first home truly yours.

Floor Plans Print Download Reverse Images Floor Plan Basement Stair Location Finished (Heated and Cooled) Areas Heated Area Main Floor 1250 Heated Area Second Floor 0 Total Finished Square Footage 1250 Unfinished (unheated) Areas Front Porch 68 Rear Porch 70 Other Porches 0 Garage 315 Storage 26 Bonus Room 0 Other 0 Total Unfinished Square Footage 479 Additional Plan Specs Primary Roof Pitch 7:12 Other Roof Pitches Roof Peak Height 17-0

Allan MacDonald
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1940s house plans were a reflection of a world changing rapidly after the hardships of the war years. Families desired simplicity and comfort, but they didn't want to sacrifice the charm.

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