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Discover the best practices and strategies for implementing standards based grading in your classroom. Improve student learning and assessment with this effective approach to grading.
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What is Standards-Based Grading, Why is It So Hard, and How to Tackle It! Standards-based grading’s advent came around in 2012, two years after the Common Core State Standards initiative. Since then, many states have adopted or adapted new standards based on the original Common Core State Standards. Even if your state isn’t a Common […]

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It has been my goal to really dig deep into standards based grading to help you better understand it. The idea of standards based grading aligns PERFECTLY with my Student Data Tracking Binders (click HERE to read up on these) and my Standards Based Assessments (click HERE to read up on these), so I figured...

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Tips for easing into Standards Based Grading from a traditional grading system.Grading is something teachers and students can easily take for granted. We've worked within the same 100 point scale, A-F system for a very long time. However, I'm a big fan of questioning systems, especially when it becomes glaringly obvious that our current system rewards compliant behavior as much as, if not more than, learning. So I started to ask questions. Is our current grading system an accurate measure of…

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Welcome to my blog! I wanted to return with an update on how our standards-based portfolios are going. If you missed my initial post about this, you can check it out here. First some facts about me: I teach 3rd grade in Virginia and my county is relatively new to standards based grading. I am

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