Spreader bar

Discover the benefits of using a spreader bar with your hammock. Increase comfort and stability while enjoying your outdoor relaxation time.
exreizst Black Spreader Bar with Fur Leather Nylon Straps Set Sports Exercise >>> Click on the image for additional details. (This is an affiliate link) Spreader Bar, Sell On Amazon, At Home Gym, Bar Set, Pleasure, Black And Brown, Leather Straps, Wrist, Fur

❤️Premium Material - Made of high quality stainless steel, fur leather and nylon material, offer you excellent shopping experience. ❤️❤️US Shipping, about 2-7 days delivery ❤️Adjustable Size - 3 piece of metal bar to connect, expandable from 23’’ to 35’’ in length for ankle-spread or wrist-spread ❤️Fur Leather & Nylon - 9.7’’ - 14’’ wrist belt, 11’’ - 15’’ ankle belt, 4 x 54’’ per nylon strap, soft and comfortable, sturdy and durable ❤️Privacy Policy - We will take your personal privacy…

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