Southern belle style

Step into the world of Southern Belle style and embrace the timeless charm and elegance. Discover top ideas to incorporate this iconic style into your wardrobe and home decor for a touch of southern grace.
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When my Grandma passed away she left a lot of sewing patterns and even a very old sewing machine from my Great Grandma behind that I inherited. My mom brought them over in a box and said "you're the only one that sews in the family so I thought you'd want these." To be honest, I was very excited about this stuffy box of sewing patterns. Many of them had little notes about what to alter and or take in and measurements of my mom and aunts as teens. It was fun to see what she was designing or…

Allison Skalenda
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Today is the first day of spring, and what better way to usher in this bright new season than with a new post about being a Southern Belle! After all, this is when flowers bloom, and there's no flower more delicate, strong, complex, unique or beautiful than that of a Southern Belle! I love being a Southern Belle, and a fabulous one at that! Over the years, the meaning and very essence of a Southern Belle has evolved in many ways. Old School Southern Belle: According to Wikipedia—“The image…