Sorry for your loss

Learn how to offer sincere condolences and support to someone who has experienced a loss. Find comforting words and gestures to convey your sympathy and show your support during this difficult time.
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What can you say instead of "I'm sorry for your loss"? Here are ten alternative (and better) things to say to a grieving friend or family member.

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At one point or another, all of our lives are unfairly touched by grief. When it's our turn to deal with losing someone we love, there's nothing more painful and when someone we know is going through grief, it can be difficult to effectively relay how gutted we feel on their behalf. That's where thoughtful, pre-written condolence messages can make up for a loss of words.

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Let someone know you are thinking of them with this printable card. Sometimes we need to just let people know we are praying for them. Nothing beats getting a card in the mail to show our support. This Sorry For Your Loss card can be used over and over. Use it for friends, family, or church. Anyone you want to know you are praying for them. This is an instant download. You can print, fold and mail today. After your purchase, you will receive a PDF. Just print, fold and use anytime you need…