Social security benefits

Learn how to maximize your social security benefits with these expert tips and strategies. Plan for a secure financial future and make the most of your retirement income.

The benefits of marriage don’t stop at love and companionship. In some situations, marriage can result in more Social Security. If you stay married for at least 10 years, those benefits can last even if you get divorced. But the rules for marriage and Social Security get complicated. Here are seven things married couples can’t...

Will You Get A Stimulus Check If You’re On Social Security Or SSDI? Tax Refund, Tax And Revenue, Insurance Benefits, Securities And Exchange Commission, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Tax Time, Federal Taxes, Financial Aid, Medical Information

The first round of stimulus checks are finally going out, and a second round appears to be in the works. Will you get a stimulus check if you're on SSDI or SSI? The answer for both programs is looking like a definite "yes".

Marlene Newkirk