Smooth buttercream recipe

Discover a delicious and smooth buttercream recipe that will take your baked goods to the next level. Learn how to create a perfect buttercream frosting that will leave everyone wanting more.

At the end of June, an innocuous picture of a batch of ultra-smooth and silky buttercream posted by Wayne Steinkopf sent the online cake community into a bit of a tizzy! We simply marveled at his super smooth buttercream prowess. Being the generous soul that he is, Wayne was happy to share the recipe with his followers and we are now …

Abigail Hayes
Silky Smooth Vanilla Buttercream!

This buttercream recipe is light, fluffy, and perfect for decorating! I use this recipe for almost all of the cakes that are on my Instagram!Here I'll be sharing this recipe step by step with pictures, so you can make it too!The first step to making this buttercream is the butter. Make sure it is unsalted, and REAL butter. Using a stand mixer is highly recommended for this recipe, but you can use a hand mixer if you don't have one. The first thing you'll want to do is beat the butter on the…

Kelly Molden

Learn how to make the silkiest Swiss meringue buttercream with this step-by-step tutorial and video. You’ll never want any other type of frosting after you try this one!The recipe makes 4 ½ cups which is enough to frost 24 cupcakes or a two-layer 9-inch cake.

Angela Mok