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Discover the brilliance and success of smart women who have made their mark in various fields. Get inspired and learn from their achievements to unleash your own potential.
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Business women illustration clipart

This clipart is collection of beautiful business women illustrations in formal and smart casual outfits. Perfect for: wall art / posters / prints / cards stationery / notebooks / planners / stickers branding / social media templates / packaging and many more your creative projects. What included: 49 girls illustrations (PNG, EPS) ~ 3500x5000 pxl 3 furniture elements (PNG, EPS) ~ 3500x5000 pxl 28 silhouette (PNG, EPS) ~ 3500x5000 pxl

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8 Habits of Financially Smart Women - Sequins & Sales

Today on the blog I’m sharing 8 Habits of Financially Smart Women! Over the past couple of years I have seriously become the money conscious person I never thought I’d be able to be. However, after earning my degree (and...Read More

Chelsea Mendonca
Studies Confirm: The Fragile Male Ego Is Threatened By Intelligent Women: There’s no doubt that most men out there prefer fragile, soft, feminine women. You can deny all you want, but it’s known for a fact that the majority of men would pick a sensitive, feminine woman over a strong, alpha woman any day of the week. That’s the way it’s been in the pre-historic times. And that is what has been ingrained in our DNAs since the beginning of time. It has a lot to do with procreation and the purpose Intelligent Woman Aesthetic, How To Be Intelligent, Male Ego Quotes, Intelligent Women Aesthetic, Intelligent Women Quotes, Alpha Woman Aesthetic, Smart Girl Aesthetic Study, Women Studying, Smart Women Quotes

Intelligent People Tend To Stay Awake Longer, Leave A Mess Everywhere, And Swear More, Studies Confirm

Do you often stay up late? Does your family or partner often criticize you for leaving a mess everywhere around you? Do you swear like a sailor? Well, if you answered all the questions with a yes, let me tell you that these things might seem to you like they’re just bad habits, but there’s much more to it. Studies show that people who have these habits are actually highly intelligent. Here’s why: Intelligent people are night owls. People who possess high levels of intelligence tend to be…

Nora Eller