Sling backpack purse

Discover stylish and functional sling backpack purses that are perfect for fashion-forward individuals. Find the perfect blend of convenience and style with these top sling backpack purse ideas.

When you're traveling, one of the most important things is keeping your belongings safe from pickpockets and other types of theft. Losing your passport or money while traveling overseas is a fear we all have. But the threat of theft from pickpockets and drive-by snatchings is high, so you must take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. An anti-theft bag can help ward off would-be slash and grab thieves. Having traveled to over 70 countries, many of which have a not so great track…

Pat English
Wayfarer Sling Backpack - PDF Sewing Pattern - A Quaint Stitch

The Wayfarer Sling Backpack is a sleek and functional everyday carry sling backpack. It’s repositionable cross-body strap design makes it easy to sling the backpack from the back to front or carry as a shoulder bag while allowing quick access to all compartments. The Wayfarer Sling Backpack has no exposed raw edges and does not use bias tape.

Valérie Janelle