Shrek character costumes diy

Unleash your inner ogre with these DIY Shrek character costumes. Get inspired and create your own unique costumes for Halloween or dress-up parties. Transform into your favorite characters and bring the magic of Shrek to life.
Doris the Ugly Stepsister Costume (from Shrek 2) Costumes, Enfp, Impreza, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Dory, No Face Costume, Trio Costumes, Outfit, Costume

#CommissionsEarned 4.6 (7) Doris’s costume and cosplay are based on the fairy tale character of the ugly stepsister but with a twist. She wears a purple Victorian velvet dress with 3/4 sleeves, purple flat shoes, and gold hoop earrings. She also has a crown braid hairstyle, which can be achieved with a wig. Her makeup ... Read more