Short ribs polenta

Indulge in mouthwatering short ribs and polenta dishes. Discover flavorful recipes to satisfy your cravings and impress your guests with these hearty and comforting meals.
Always looking for a good short ribs recipe. Braised Short Ribs with Creamy Polenta | Williams-Sonoma One Pot Meals, Beef Recipes, Pasta, Braised Short Ribs, Beef Dishes, Short Ribs, Braised, Pot Recipes, Creamy Polenta

<p>These flavorful short ribs perfectly illustrate how braised meat cooked on the bone can turn out succulent and tender enough to cut with a fork. The bones also enrich the braising liquid, which marries delectably with the cheese-laced creamy polenta. A bold-flavored Syrah or Zinfandel is ideal for the pot and the table.<br> <br> <i>Looking for more dinner inspiration? Check out our <a…

Glenn Ratliff