Sheet metal bender

Discover how to bend sheet metal with ease using these creative DIY ideas. Take your projects to the next level with a sheet metal bender and create professional-looking designs.
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DIY Sheet Metal Bender Brake : Sheet Metal Bender Brake 805mm Mounted on a Hydraulic Portable Table I love metalworking, is my favorite hobby. So for my need to build a stainless steel barbecue I decided to make a sheet metal bender brake. It isn't a so complicated construction…

Eder Junior dos Santos
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Simple Sheet Metal Brake: No Welding: I love working with metal, but I've always struggled to get perfect 90° bends. Generally, I'll stick the piece to be bent in the vise and smack it around until it's bent. Since it almost always bends crooked, I end up rebending - and generally just …

Brett Ribble