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Shabby Chic Decor

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A New Paint Job

Well, I finally got it right...I wanted to paint and did but,it was way to dark I loved the color but it just wasn't right for a bedroom...I went back to, picked the same paint but just ask that they lighten it a bit....I think, it turned out just right! Now, I may never be able to match it again.... I moved things around as we were painting.... everything old is new again, even Miss French got something new to wear..... Enjoy the Day!

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More Photos and a Thank You

First, I want to thank each of you for your kind and thoughtful words concerning my health. You don't know how they all made me feel when I read them. I even cried...thank you so much! I am a "hugger" so I wish I could give each of you a (((BIG HUG))) in person. But the cyber hugs will have to do. I do know one thing though, God has definitely blessed me with all of you! Now on to more photos that I've taken with the new camera. I still haven't fooled with the other lenses, just still shooting with the one. I didn't feel too hot today, so I kept them all inside. I took them all in natural lighting (no lights) and I am quite pleased with how they turned out. There are settings that allow me to adjust the brightness, but I am still just using the "auto" setting for now. Not bad being in a basement, huh? I did add some softness to this photo...it makes me sleepy looking at it, lol. I'm like that kid who got their first pair of glasses and seeing things in detail for the first time with this camera! It's how the lighting looks, no editing other than lightening the photo up a bit. I mean, the colors are dead on! If anyone who's edited a dark photo, they'll know that the colors get distorted and whacky. Not with this! The green stays green, and the details stay crisp! I am so very pleased and my mind is going 90 miles a minute with all of the possibilities! I have always been fascinated with photography, but have never been able to afford a really good camera. Watch out world, Melanie is on the loose and I am going to capture God's beauty in everything! Can you tell I'm excited? I love how it captures the room like I see it. Now that really makes a statement when taking a photo. You see it with your eyes, but some cameras just don't pick that up and it's disheartening. I moved some chairs around today. I'm liking the layout a bit better. I can't wait until Christmas...to capture the twinkling lights and all! Louis helped me with being my subject...he's so cute! He's spotted a bird, can ya tell? He loves coming to this room and lounging by the window. I've taken him outside, but he's definitely an inside cat, lol. He claws me to death trying to get back in. I think he's quite happy just being a spectator. He didn't have a clue I was behind him...see how his hair is standing up? lol I love this cat, he's my little buddy that follows me everywhere. And last but not least...my sweetheart posing for one last photo for the day. Wonder what he's thinking? Well, that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by. I pray you all have a blessed week full of good health, peace and lot's of love!

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Cottage Decor

Shop for ruffle bedding, shabby chic, string curtains, bed skirts, tablecloths, sofa throw covers and more. Make your home beautiful and reflect your personal style.

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Decorating With Vanity Tables

Remember when women owned frilly vanity tables with upholstered stools and ornate mirrors? Well nothing has changed. Women are still painting, primping, poufing and perfecting their look while sitting at their beautiful mirrored vanities. The vanity table serves as a kind of sanctuary for a woman where she can feel free and at ease to play and experiment with all of the accessories that help to make her look more beautiful. In fact, in front of a makeup mirror, seated at her dressing table, a woman can totally transform herself. Today, many women still look for stylish and elegant vanities. Some of the popular ones are antique inspired, modern and sleek, distressed, and custom-built vanities that meet specific bathroom requirements. There is one out there with your name on it! via instagram It starts when we are young, this love affair with the vanity. Little girls beg for small pink or white bedroom vanities to make them feel like princesses or make them feel grown up. decordesignreview.tumblr.com A girl can certainly feel like a princess here. Many prefer glass sitting atop their vanity. Designer Patricia McLean Others like mirrored vanity tops. via Pinterest Makeup vanity tables have also been a traditional part of a woman's boudoir area..... yahoo.com and even today there is a wonderful collection of makeup vanity tables to choose from. google.com This vanity drips lace. tumblr hearts-of-glass.tumblr.com Ginny Magher This pretty piece of furniture also serves as a storage area for a woman’s personal toiletries such as cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, hair products and so much more. Mario Buatta Every woman needs a private time for themselves, especially during the morning and night. They need to have their own personal oasis where they can focus on themselves. thepeakofchic.blogspot.com Accessories make the vanity and are fun collectibles that won't break the bank. via Pinterest Don't forget the vanity chair! thepeakofchic.blogspot.com Having the right designed stool is critical to any vanity area. hookedonhouses.net Wow! Scarlett sure had a fantastic vanity. Stamps and Stamps via instagram yahoo.com Pretty vintage silver vanity accessories are fun to collect. ivyandelephants.blogspot.com google.com While your bed may be the centerpiece of your bedroom, a vintage vanity adds a touch of old-school glamour and elegance. chateauchamerolles.fr chintz-of-darkness.blogspot.com No matter what your décor, old world, bohemian....... inspired-design.tumblr.com traditional or contemporary, the vast selection of styles and sizes of makeup vanity tables offer the perfect choice for everyone. google.com The legendary Jean Harlow, the original platinum blonde, at her all white vanity. I love how the glass top sets up on legs. tumblr.com rufflesandtruffles.com I have a beautiful antique silver cake plate that I plan on using just like this. Clever!! google.com I love the Hollywood Regency look of mirrored furniture....... hawaiiancoconut.tumblr.com and these two vanities are mirrored perfection. pinterest.com la-la-la-bonne-vie.... This cherub would look perfect on a vanity draped in YOUR pearls. queenbee1924.tumblr.com A real girly girl vanity in Shabby Chic style. suchprettythings.typepad.com Lovely antique porcelain perfume bottles. georgianadesign.tumblr.com Vanity or dressing tables are a perfect chance to get girly.This one has a beautiful vanity tray, a silver cup for makeup brushes, and always a small vase for a little bunch of flowers. tumblr.com justcallmegrace.tumblr.com Be sure to emphasize the romantic look of your vanity by choosing the right accessories for the top of it. A display of antique perfume bottles is ideal, but you can also add a vintage hand mirror, comb and brush set with a silver finish to complement the perfume bottles. time-worn-style.com encoreuneminute.tumblr.com google.com Beautiful smokey glass mirrors lend to the Hollywood Glam style vanity area. I love how they have used a Louis XV console for their vanity. Be creative! Many different antique tables can double as a vanity. via my place of recovery berengia.tumblr.com For those with small space there are small makeup vanity tables with stools that can easily fit into a bedroom. thedecorista.com If you have a lot of space to work with a larger size vanity with drawers and storage is a great option. google.com bumblebutton.blogspot.com via Pinterest A beautiful vanity is functional and aesthetically pleasing and will lend ample character and charm to any bathroom or bedroom. TRANSFORMATION IN PROGRESS tumblr.com Click here to see the previous post! http://eyefordesignlfd.blogspot.com/2013/02/decorating-in-primitive-colonial-style.html This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

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Aprende cómo hacer un hermoso sujeta cortinas de flores con listón

Aprende cómo hacer un hermoso sujeta cortinas de flores con listón

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