Semi permanent tattoo

Experiment with semi permanent tattoos to express your individuality. Discover top designs that can give you a stylish and temporary tattoo experience.
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BENEFITS: * Waterproof/Smudge proof brows * Fixes uneven brows * Confidence booster * Daily time saver * Low brow maintenance QUICK INFO: 🖋 Semi permanent cosmetic tattoo 🗓 Lasts 1-3 years (varies with skin type) 🩹 Takes 10-14 days to heal 🧴 Minimal pain with numbing cream 🌐 Visit my website to book your appt! 📍Location: Miami Gardens, FL If you have any questions, please DM or text me for more information!

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Permanent Cosmetics vs. Permanent Tattoo Permanent Cosmetics vs. Permanent Tattoo Article by Microblading Los Angeles by Tinted Liquid The major difference between Permanent Cosmetics and Permanent Tattoo is the depth of the penetration of the skin and the types of ink/pigments that are used. Microblading is considered permanent because the pigments are deposited into the epidermal layer of skin, barely touching the dermis. The cells in the epidermis layer continuously divide, thus the…

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Our editors' honest review of the new Instagram craze: Inkbox semi-permanent tattoos and freehand ink that are supposed to last weeks. Plus 20 of our favorite (and pain-free!) temporary tattoos from across the web.