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Discover the power of self assessment and gain insights into your strengths and areas of improvement. Explore top tips and tools to help you navigate personal growth and achieve your goals.
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16 Things I Like About My Self Worksheet

This blog post is perfect for parents and educators who are searching for a helpful tool to boost the self-esteem and self-awareness of their children or students. Introducing the Things I Like About Myself worksheet, this simple yet effective resource aims to promote positivity and encourage individuals to recognize their unique qualities and strengths.

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EMC BrandVoice: How To Run A Workshop: Guidelines And Checklist

I created a “checklist” of tasks, plus tips and techniques, to ensure a successful workshop. One thing that this checklist won’t address is having a workshop leader with strong facilitation skills. While it may sound trivial (heck, can’t just anyone lead one of these workshops?), a workshop leader specifically trained in [...]

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This image is half light purple and half yellow vertically. Across the top are the words 5 Ways to Measure Student Progress. Then along the left side are the five ways and on the right side are examples of those five ways. Types Of Assessments, Formative Assessment Strategies, Formative Assessment Tools, Student Self Assessment, Teaching Procedures, Classroom Assessment, Assessment Checklist, Assessment Strategies, Performance Tasks

5 Ways to Measure Student Progress

Assessment strategies like pre-assessments, observational assessments, performance tasks, student self-assessments, and formative assessments provide a picture of student's strengths and areas for growth. Start your year off right by measuring student progress at the very beginning!

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Interesting articles about increasing self-esteem

Hearts and Minds Interesting articles about increasing self-esteem CANWE INCREASE OUR SELF-ESTEEM? 9MENTAL HEALTH] ARTICLE 3 - PPC PRIVATE PSYCHOTHERAPY CLINIC -SENIOR ACCREDITED PSYCHOTHERAPIST-Dr.Fawzy Masaoud-LONDON, ENGLAND This was a question the great psycho... Read more from Hearts and Minds

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