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Unlock your artistic potential with step-by-step sculpting tutorials. Discover the best techniques and tips to create stunning sculptures and bring your ideas to life.
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Today I want to delve into the topic of sculpting hands. It's one of the hardest things to get it right when making dolls. And I completely understand why! I've sculpted dozens of hands and just about a year ago I finally got it right. So don't beat yourself up if they don’t turn out perfect every t

Justin Longbine
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In my last blog I gave you a method for creating a simple body armature for an art Doll. Today I want to talk about the armature that supports your sculpt. Let’s start with the obvious. Aluminum foil is without a doubt, indispensable as an armature for any polymer clay artist. It has an expansion rate of less than 2% w

Jessica Lane
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Wire Armature Device: When sculpting clay, you often need an armature.An armature is a hidden support, a kind of skeleton, on which the clay will rest. It brings you comfort while sculpting because it keeps everything still, avoids over-manipulation and then prevents dam…

Fawn Capps
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’m sculpting my second ball-jointed doll and I’ve decided to document all the process! A few years ago when I was just trying to understand how ball-jointed dolls actually work, there was almost no information about the topic. Now, people are sharing a little bit more on Instagram or Facebook groups

Amanda Moyes
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Make your own unique doll with our easy-to-follow guideWho doesn't love dolls? They're fun to play with and they come in a million different varieties. If you want to have your own personal doll, why not make one yourself out of clay? This...

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Since I started to create porcelain ball-jointed dolls, I’ve been fascinated with sculpting miniature features and getting them as detailed as possible. I feel like the hands, feet, facial features give so much character to the doll. But to get them right is always a challenge, especially if you scu

Alexeeva Olga
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Making an Armature for a Clay Sculpture: Here is a list of tools and supplies you will need, Armature wire (Aluminum wire 1/8 and 1/16 gauge wire) 2 part epoxy putty (JB Weld or Loctite Brand) Wire Clippers (Dykes) Pliers (regular or needle nose) Nuts and Bolts (10-32x1 / M4.8x25.4) …

Yvette Cuthbert