Scottish outfit

Get inspired by these stylish Scottish outfit ideas to create a traditional and timeless look. Explore the rich heritage of Scottish fashion and incorporate it into your wardrobe for a unique and sophisticated style.
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source( Scottish Traditional Dress Biography The rich Scotland culture has gone through many changes since the past years. Scotland was mostly inhabited by the Celtic decedents in the Scottish Highlands. Scots dominated the Southern part of the country. Mostly the Scots are smart and vigilant. There is some influence of the Nordic and Anglo Saxon people on the culture of Scotland. The church going majority in Scotland are the members of the Scotland church. The Scottish people…

Lin Thompson
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1740s Scottish working woman's tartan wool ensemble(Here's another I'm posting about from *the future* - ah, how remiss in never finishing up these projects! But here goes...)There wasn't much for previous posts about this costume. I did a bit of planning and researched embroidered stomachers,

Susie Hoard