Saints and sinners

Delve into the intriguing realm of saints and sinners and discover stories of redemption, temptation, and the human experience. Uncover the tales that blur the lines between good and evil.
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Are you a saint? Are you a sinner? Are you possibly both? When you refer to someone as a saint, there is a presumption of a higher level of goodness or holiness. Sainthood infers a greater depth of godliness or piety. How does one become a saint? According to some, you must live an exemplary life, die in good standing with God, have a couple of miracles attributed to you after you die, and oh yeah, your dead body has to, some how, not rot. Pretty simple, right? To confuse matters even more…

Paul Ahnert (The Metal Minister)
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This liquor store has stood by the main highway through Española since at least the 1970s and probably another 30 years before that....although its message is in fact timeless. There's a trident on the end of the pole from which the sign hangs, suggesting that the sinners are in the ascendancy. #7 on Flickr Explore for Dec 30, 2005

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